Name Description
ADcomments Universal additional comments class which allows attach comments for any items on some scope EMPTY
AdminAnnouncements Ubilling administrator announcements basic class EMPTY
AerialAlerts Aerial raid notification class EMPTY
AndroidApp Android application implementation EMPTY
Announcements Ubilling user announcements basic class EMPTY
Annoyance TODO: - users filtering - smszilla calllists filtering - saving results as separate annoy-reports - extend management permissions? - calling report via stigmata engine EMPTY
ApacheZen Just meditative web-log viewer EMPTY
ApiException Nothing to see here EMPTY
AskoziaMonitor AskoziaPBX calls recodrings viewer class EMPTY
Asterisk Asterisk PBX basic integration class EMPTY
AutoConfigurator Network devices automatic configuration EMPTY
AutoCredit Automatic user credits setting class EMPTY
AutoLogout Basic user-idle auto logout class EMPTY
Avarice One of se7en deadly sins EMPTY
BadKarma Basic MySQL user cash storage double precision fixing class EMPTY
Banksta2 Bank statements processing class EMPTY
BankstaMd XLS Bank statements processing class EMPTY
BarcodeQR BarcodeQR - Code QR Barcode Image Generator (PNG) EMPTY
BuildPassport Extended Build information base class EMPTY
CallMeBack callback service implementation EMPTY
CallsHistory Performs view/search/display of incoming calls data received with PBXNum EMPTY
CapabilitiesDirectory Capabilities directory base class EMPTY
Cemetery Dead users burial implementation EMPTY
CobainsShotgun Performs radius.log analyze to detect successful and failed auth attempts EMPTY
ColorTagging Class for coloring users by tag color EMPTY
ConnectionDetails Connection (signup) details base class EMPTY
Corps Corporate aka enterprise users implementation EMPTY
CrimeAndPunishment Penalty aka Crime and punishment implementation EMPTY
CrontabEditor System crontab editor class EMPTY
CumulativeDiscounts Cumulative discounts implementation EMPTY
CustomMaps Custom users maps class EMPTY
DBmon Simple database query performance monitor EMPTY
DHCPZen Just meditative dhcp-log viewer EMPTY
DOCXTemplate Replace {var} in MS Word 2007+ documents (*.docx) EMPTY
DarkVoid Notification area aka DarkVoid class EMPTY
DbConnect Yet another manual database connection class EMPTY
DealWithIt Per-user task scheduler EMPTY
Diff A class containing a diff implementation EMPTY
Districts Coverage map districts absctraction EMPTY
DoomsDayTariffs Automatic user tariff migration aka Dooms Day Tariffs class EMPTY
DreamKas DreamKas service interaction class EMPTY
DreamKasNotifications DreamKas notification area EMPTY
DynamicShaper User dynamic shaper with speeds self-changing depends on time of day EMPTY
Envy Equipment configuration backup aka Envy implementation EMPTY
EventView Logs viewing and searching basic class EMPTY
Exception No description available EMPTY
ExistentialHorse System-wide previous periods statistics archive aka Existential Horse EMPTY
ExtContras - Вы делоете платежов? - Нет, просто показываю. EMPTY
ExtNets Extended network pools implementation EMPTY
FDBArchive Network equipment FDB tables archive implementation EMPTY
FGA Implements fucking great advices interface EMPTY
FileStorage Allows to attach files to random items in some scope EMPTY
ForWhomTheBellTolls Incoming calls notifications class EMPTY
FriendshipIsMagic Referal like bonus program for users EMPTY
FundsFlow Financial data preprocessing and rendering class EMPTY
Garage Vehicles management and accounting EMPTY
GenerateCard Generate print card management API EMPTY
GlobalMenu Ubilling global menu rendering and customization class EMPTY
GlobalSearch Ubilling user search implementation EMPTY
HlsTV OmegaTV low-level API implementation EMPTY
Insurance Insurance prototype EMPTY
IpACLMgr IP/Networks ACL management EMPTY
IpAuthDenied Userstats access management implementation EMPTY
IpChange User IP changing/management implementation EMPTY
ItSaTrap SNMP traps processing class EMPTY
LoginForm Ubilling administrative interface login form EMPTY
MRNN Most Retarded Neural Network ever. Yep, with single neuron. EMPTY
MTsigmon MikroTik/UBNT signal monitoring class EMPTY
MapOn MapOn cars GPS location service API wrapper EMPTY
MaponAPI Mapon cars GPS location service low-level api EMPTY
MegogoApi Megogo OTT service low-level API EMPTY
MegogoInterface Megogo OTT service implementation class EMPTY
MessagesQueue System-wide outcoming messages queue for SMS/Telegram/Emails etc.. EMPTY
Metabolism User signup and payments extended stats EMPTY
MobilesExt Additional users mobile numbers basic class EMPTY
MultiGen Most awesome FreeRADIUS support implementation ever EMPTY
MultigenECN MultiGen Custom NAS configuration implementation EMPTY
MySQLDB MySQL database old driver abstraction class. Used for PHP <7 legacy. EMPTY
NasMon Network access servers management class EMPTY
NyanORM Basic Ubilling database abstraction prototype EMPTY
OLTAttractor OLT local data manipultaion abstraction layer EMPTY
OeFails Electrical failures reporting class EMPTY
OllTVService OllTV OTT service implementation EMPTY
OllTv ispAPI class EMPTY
OmaeUrl Basic remote URLs interaction class EMPTY
OmegaTV OmegaTV OTT service implementation EMPTY
OnePunch Allows you to be an Saitama! EMPTY
OnuBase PON ONU management basic class EMPTY
OnuConfigurator PON ONU configuration class EMPTY
OnuDelete PON ONU deletion class EMPTY
OnuDeregister PON ONU degegistering class EMPTY
OnuDescribe PON ONU describe management class EMPTY
OnuMaster Class for managing ONU/ONT. EMPTY
OnuReboot PON ONU rebooting class EMPTY
OnuRegister Class for registering ONU/ONT on ZTE OLTs. EMPTY
OpDenied OpenPayz access management implementation EMPTY
OpenPayz Basic OpenPayz implementation EMPTY
PBXCdr Universal PBX CDR abstraction class EMPTY
PBXMonitor Universal PBX calls recodrings viewer class EMPTY
PBXNum Universal PBX incoming calls processing class EMPTY
PONBdcom OLT BDCOM 36xx/33xx or Eltex and Extralink hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONBdcomGP OLT BDCOM GPXXXX hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONBoxes PON Boxes allows to place/render some boxes on map EMPTY
PONHuaweiGpon OLT Huawei hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONIfDesc Allows to attach some description on PON OLT interfaces EMPTY
PONONUMAP Performs rendering of exiting user-assigned PON ONU devices on coverage map EMPTY
PONProto Basic PON OLTs devices collectors hardware abstraction layer prototype EMPTY
PONStels OLT Stels FD12XX hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONStelsFD OLT Stels FD11XX hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONVsol OLT V-Solution 1600D hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONZteEpon OLT ZTE-EPON hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONZteGpon OLT ZTE-GPON hardware abstraction layer EMPTY
PONizer PON devices management and monitoring implementation EMPTY
PONizerLegacy Ponizer legacy all-in-one-page renderer EMPTY
PTV ProstoTV Ubilling abstraction layer EMPTY
PerCityAction Class for making some reports in range on one city EMPTY
PhoneBook System-wide phonebook EMPTY
PhotoStorage PhotoStorage allows to attach images for any kind of items on some scope EMPTY
PoliceDog Allows control apper of some MAC address in billing reality EMPTY
PollVoteAdmin Administrators Votes/Polls class EMPTY
Polls Polls/Votes management here EMPTY
PollsReport Polls/votes report class EMPTY
PonZte ZTE-like PON devices management EMPTY
PowerTariffs Alternative tariffication model EMPTY
PrintReceipt Receipts/Bills printing EMPTY
ProfileDocuments DOCx profile documents base class EMPTY
RealIPControl Inactive users with white IP report EMPTY
Realms VLAN management realms class EMPTY
Reminder User SMS notification class EMPTY
ReportBuilds Report for filtering and display basic builds info EMPTY
ReportMaster Custom user reports builder implementation EMPTY
ReportStreets Streets report base class EMPTY
RouterOS Mikrotik API implementation EMPTY
SMSDirections Flexible SMS routing implementation EMPTY
SMSHistory I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad I got sunshine in a bag I'm useless, but not for long The future is coming on EMPTY
SMSServiceApi Class SMSServiceApi to be inherited by real SMS services APIs implementations located in 'api/vendor/sms_service_APIs' to provide re-usability and common interaction interface for SendDogAdvanced class EMPTY
SMSZilla Powerful SMS sending mechanics there EMPTY
SNMPHelper Ubilling SNMP abstraction class EMPTY
Salary Employee salary accounting implementation EMPTY
SendDog SMS/Telegram/Email messages sending implementation EMPTY
SendDogAdvanced Multi-service SendDog implementation EMPTY
SendDogProto SendDog classic SMS services prototype class EMPTY
SigMap User signups mapping/location report EMPTY
SignupConfig sigreq configuration class EMPTY
SignupRequests Base signup requests handling class EMPTY
SmartUP Basic SmartUP interconnection class EMPTY
SormYahont SORM Yahont draft support EMPTY
SphinxDB Sphinx database abstraction layer EMPTY
SphinxSearch Sphinx user-search implementation EMPTY
StickyNotes Administator reminders and notes implementation EMPTY
Stigma This class allow cast abstract stigmatization of random objects placed in random scopes. EMPTY
SwitchCash Switches profitability implementation EMPTY
SwitchGroups Allows to put some switches into groups EMPTY
SwitchHistory Renders events which happens with some switch devices EMPTY
SwitchLogin Siwtches auth data and management basic class EMPTY
SwitchSonic Live switch/routers SNMP bandwidth monitoring implementation EMPTY
SwitchUplinks Siwtches uplink parameters management class EMPTY
SwitchesQinQ Switches QinQ management EMPTY
TSupportApi Looks like forgotten external applications interraction interface EMPTY
TagCloud User tags cloud rendering EMPTY
TaskFlow Extended tasks processing implementation based on task states EMPTY
TaskStates Performs tasks processing states management in taskman EMPTY
TaskbarWidget Basic taskbar widgets class. EMPTY
TasksDuplicates Implements basic tasks per-address dupicates report EMPTY
TasksLaborTime Implements try of tasks execution time planning and fair per-employee allocation EMPTY
TasksMap Tasks manager map-view rendering class EMPTY
TasksQualRep Tasks quality control report EMPTY
TelePony Uncomplicated telephony class EMPTY
Telepathy Prophetic guessing login by the address/surname/realname EMPTY
TrassirServer Basic low-level Trassir Server NVRs interraction class. EMPTY
TrinityTv TrinityTV OTT service implementation EMPTY
TrinityTvApi TrinityTV low-level API implementation EMPTY
UBMorph Morphological values converter EMPTY
UHW Unknown Hardware Helper EMPTY
UbillingBranches ISP branches implementation EMPTY
UbillingCache System-wide caching abstraction engine EMPTY
UbillingConfig Basic Ubilling configs abstraction class EMPTY
UbillingDHCP ISC-DHCPD server management class EMPTY
UbillingLDAPManager LDAP database management class EMPTY
UbillingMail Emails sending basic class EMPTY
UbillingMessageHelper System message helper class EMPTY
UbillingPHPMail Ubilling email sending based on phpmail class EMPTY
UbillingSMS SMS queue handling class EMPTY
UbillingTaskbar Taskbar loading and rendering class EMPTY
UbillingTelegram Telegram bot API implementation EMPTY
UbillingUpdateManager Performs deploy of database and config files updates EMPTY
UbillingUpdateStuff Ubilling updates deployment routines EMPTY
UbillingVisor Surveillance accounting and management implementation EMPTY
UbillingWhois Allows to receive some data about IPs and domains EMPTY
UkvSystem UKV cable TV accounting implementation EMPTY
UniversalQINQ Yet another QinQ implementation. EMPTY
UserProfile User profile loading and rendering class EMPTY
UserSideApi Userside integration API EMPTY
VlanChange Apply vlan on device EMPTY
VlanGen VLAN gen - nothing to see here! EMPTY
VlanMacHistory Vlan MAC history class EMPTY
VlanManagement Like IPAM for VLAN EMPTY
VlanTerminator VLAN terminator class EMPTY
Warehouse Basic warehouse accounting implementation EMPTY
WatchDog Flexible system monitoring aka WatchDog implementation EMPTY
WatchDogInterface Watchdog tasks management and other interfaces EMPTY
WhiteBoard Just whiteboard. Helps to manage some non-urgent projets. Yep, without markers. EMPTY
WhyDoYouCall Missed calls notification subsystem EMPTY
WifiCPE Client side wireless equipment management subsystem EMPTY
WolfDispatcher Universal Telegram bot hooks extendable class EMPTY
YTV YouTV Ubilling abstraction layer EMPTY
ZabbixAPI Class ZabbixAPI EMPTY
ZenFlow Just dynamic content update abstraction layer EMPTY
agentAssignReport Agent assigns report class EMPTY
dbf_class DBF reader Class v0.04 by Faro K Rasyid (Orca) orca75_at_dotgeek_dot_org v0.05 by Nicholas Vrtis vrtis_at_vrtisworks_dot_com 1) changed to not read in complete file at creation. EMPTY
mikbill Mikbill migration class EMPTY
simpleOverlay And again one more database interconnection abstraction class EMPTY
ubRouting Basic Ubilling GET/POST abstraction and filtering class EMPTY
wf_JqDtHelper JQuery Data Tables JSON formatting class EMPTY


Name Description
ProstoTV ProstoTV API PHP client EMPTY